Best of Raja

Soon after the semester started, I realized that some of my Calc 3 professor’s comments needed to be recorded for posterity. These probably aren’t nearly as amusing as I think they are when taken out of context, but hey. My blog. :) So here’s the Best of Raja Balakrishnan.

“Mathematics is the highest degree of laziness.”

“I want to have an adult conversation. I don’t want to be talking about marshmallow. Well, yes, I do, in terms of food.”

“My wife asked me if I could go for one day without thinking about food while doing mathematics. I failed in the tenth minute.”

“Does it make sense? No. That is why it is nonsense.”

“We have a Tea Party, we should start a Coffee Party. And a Food Party. f(x) stands for ‘food of x.’”

“I was a single child, so my mother wanted to make sure I ate as much food as possible. Which I did. That is why I am this way.”

“The worst is when you hear people using the word ‘like’ all the time. What the hell is that?!”

“So we have this nice, bell-shaped graph, and – I’m sorry, this is making me think of an ice cream cone.”

“Butter has something in it that is so good. My wife calls it fat. I beg to differ.”

“It’s just like in Congress, you have representatives on one end fighting with representatives on the other end. You just have to have some snacks in between.”

“If you ever have trouble remembering these, just remember: pasta is the key.”

“So that’s why I like the spaghetti idea. Very edible.”

[After answering a complex question from a student] “Thank you for asking that! I was just suffering from a headache, and oh! now I don’t need ibuprofen or anything like that.”

[After deriving an incorrect answer] “Oh, that’s what I did! This should go there, and this should go there, and – Worse. This is worse. I’m sorry.”

I’m sure there will be a Part 2 at some point. It’s only mid-semester.

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So, I’m starting a blog. Because I can, that’s why. Sometimes I feel like saying something to the world, even if the world isn’t listening, and that’s what blogging is for. This is a place for my rants (usually pointless), my thoughts (best run away from those, they’re terrifying) and projects that aren’t ready or aren’t fit to go on Instructables. It’s like a Facebook status that actually contains some sort of meaning. There’s no telling how often I’ll actually post something; basically whenever I feel like it.

And I can only think of a half dozen other people who might care enough to read my blog. So, if you’re reading this, you’re one in a billion! Congratulations!

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